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"Fool's blood, king's blood, blood on the maiden's thigh, but chains for the guests and chains for the bridegroom, aye aye aye."

Artist: The Killers
Title: Mr. Brightside (Acoustic)
Album: BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge


The Killers “Mr Brightside” Acoustic BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge [Download]

Filming for season 4 has recently finished. You want to give us a sneak peak into it? What can we expect?

Kate Mara - Glamour UK - May 2014

We need to fight against our human instinct to deify our role models, but also fight against our instinct to subjugate our own individuality in the process. Star gazing is one of the most profoundly human things one can do. But perhaps we must more frequently tear ourselves away from the mystery and beauty of the starry heavens above, and rather inspect, admire and foster the moral law within.

Jack Gleeson (aka King Joffrey in Game of Thrones) on celebrity.

I strongly encourage you to watch/listen to the entire talk here. Or read a partial transcription here. It is an extremely cognizant, intelligent and humble take, from someone with recent first-person experience.

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ART HISTORY MEME || [2/6] themes or series or subjects: Venice, Italy

I’ll miss playing a fun character, but nothing compares to everyone here. I’ll miss them a lot. —Jack Gleeson

Just because you die and leave, doesn’t mean you’re not apart of the family anymore. Once game of thrones family, always game of thrones family. —Natalie Dormer

Make me choose between two things.

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